Who Is Jelle Vans Photography

How a boy's dream became a man's job.

Inspired by a thousand and one things, Jelle Van Seghbroeck picked up a professional camera at age 15. Now somewhat decennia later Jelle is still inspired by 1001 things and channels these inspirations by photographing architecture, interiors and people. Translating a client's need in a strong, creative and technical stunning image is what Jelle does best.

What We're Doing

Interior & Architectural Photography

For (interior) architects and designers, real estate, industry and historical buildings. Creating commercial images or making sure the archive is up to date.

People Photography

Business portraits to represent your staff and yourself in the best and most appropriate way possible. Personal portraits driven by various inspirations but always in a professional manner.

Various commercial photography

We shoot the occasional fashion spread. We can create a range of commercial imagery depending on the client and the needs

Who we love to work for

We like clients who have a very determined vision and who know what they want. Clients that appreciate the creative process and the work that goes into it.

Jelle Van Seghbroeck


Jelle Van Seghbroeck started taking pictures at age 15. When he was 20 he started to work for magazines, various clients and brands. Now nearing his 40th birthday Jelle is an established photographer with a serious business, studio and international clients.

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We are venturing onto a new path. We are creating time-lapse movies for architects, interior designers and real-estate. See how the light moves thru space while we explore the space. Create movement, emotion and bring your creation to life.

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